Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG) Loan Lawsuit Defense

BHG Sued Me! What Can I Do?

Dombrow Law Firm advocates for Bankers Healthcare Group borrowers who were seeking a personal loan, not a business loan or a commercial loan from BHG; who do not own a business; BHG told their loan would involve a business credit evaluation and not show up on their personal credit; attempted to defer or restructure payments because of affordability problems, prepay the loan but were told they couldn't because of the contract terms; couldn't continue to pay the loans because they were no longer affordable. 

Legal proceedings require prompt action. If BHG has sued you, then you must  respond swiftly to protect your rights and explore your legal options.

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Our firm focuses on defending borrowers who have been unfairly burdened with unsuitable loans. We understand the complexities of such cases and are committed to advocating for your financial rights.

If BHG has sued you in New York State, then we may be able to help you solve that problem. Before we'll know if we can solve your problem, we need you to provide us with a copy of the lawsuit documents sent or served on you, and some additional information, which you can submit below. 

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If Pinnacle Bank has sued you, then it probably sued you in Tennessee. We're not licensed to practice law in Tennessee, but we can try to refer you to a consumer rights attorney who is licensed to practice law in Tennessee. 

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